Jack Devo - Intention (2013)


Sevensixtwo - Untitled ("Smokes"), 2001

37 tracks, including basic beats and rhythms, remixes, reconstructions, collaborations, and early songs.  Expanded from the original 10-track beat cd from early 2001.  Originally untitled, the cover art is from a pack of cigarrettes, hence the title "Smokes" from here on out.


Banco De Gaia: Freeform Flutes & Fading Tibetans

Darkside, 1992

The second release from Banco, which came out on tape in '92.  Overall a stronger effort than the debut, and Mr. Marks is beginning to find a cohesive voice.  Tracks are atmospheric and toned down from the pounding trance of Medium.  Apart from an unfortunate experiment with smooth jazz, this is some classic early electronica.


Granfa Grigg: Lowlands EP re-up

A Fog As Sick As Sea Poop

Grigg's sophomore release from 2008, now with the inclusion of two additional tracks from the same time period.  "Hauntology" is one of these, and perhaps Granfa's best moment.


Narcotic Records/Just One Fix Records

The Music of Uncle Jack

The creepy old Uncle Jack over at Deathwish Industries has started posting up a relative few of the possibly hundreds of musical projects from over the years, at his new website devoted entirely to his releases from Narcotic and Just One Fix Records.  So far 8 dark and evil albums have been uploaded (all for free) under his various aliases.  Death beats!  Synths and murder!  Drum overdose!  Check out the link to the site below, and explore the larger Deathwish Industries webworld from there.  It will re-wire your brain!


Banco De Gaia: Medium

Full Iraqi Job

Here is the debut release for mass consumption from Banco De Gaia, from 1991.  Sounding little like the world-music-infused, dubbed-out electronica that Mr. Marks would soon be known for, this is some straight-ahead early-90's-era trance.  Definitely a nostalgic and entertaining sign of the times.  Released only on tape, and no longer in print due to copyright issues.  Mafich Arabi is here, serving as the only testament of the musical heights Banco De Gaia would reach in the future.  


SevenSixTwo: Jumping At Shadows

People Create Their Own Demons

Unreleased tracks from 2004-2012.  


SevenSixTwo, 2002


9 tracks from 1995-2001.  Minimal electronica and ambient soundscapes, utilizing a variety of instrumentation and recording methods.  What do you hear?


Skinny Puppy: Back And Forth Cassette

1984 Demo

This is the original version of Back And Forth.  The music and sound quality is basic and primitive.  If it wasn't for Ogre's distinctive theatrical growl, you might not think this could actually be the bombastic noise fuck that is what Skinny Puppy is usually known for.  It certainly doesn't sound at all like they do now, and it doesn't even sound similar to what they were doing throughout the rest of the 80's.
Even though it has a minimal sound, it works well.  It's distilled dark psychedelia played with tinny-sounding synths and effects.  Tapes play in the background.  There are three songs with structure, and the rest are more experimental, making the album feel like a descent into caveman Hell.  
A remastered, remixed and expanded CD version came out with a bunch of extra noise on it, but this original version has different mixes and is a more cohesive listen.  The extra tracks on the CD just water the album down IMO.

Track List:
Sleeping Beast
Quiet Solitude
The Pit
Dead Of Winter
AM - Meat Flavour
Edge Of Insanity


Jimmy Clayton: The Face Killings

Narcotic Records

Who is Jimmy Clayton? He is a serial killer who blows off the faces of ladies in b-grade cop movies. But who is he really? He is an alias of Tom Vomit, who was the man behind the audio terrorism project Big Boots way back when, putting fear and loathing into the hearts of hapless souls at the local country club. But who is he really, in real life? Nobody knows. Tom keeps a low profile these days. But a few years back (2004) he put out this record with the silvery cover. The album is lo-fi electronica in the only the best possible sense of the term. That is, experimental and raw, unafraid to get a little dirty. Midi purposefully shot to hell. Drums are tribal and distorted. Synths stack on top of loops and movie samples. "I'd Prefer To Blow Off Your Face" is one of the best songs ever recorded. The valley girl vox is strangely not out of place, and a little heartbreaking.

Track list:
#1 Suspect
Time To Kill
Object-Induced-Dream State Psychotic-Disfunction
I'd Prefer To Blow Off Your Face
7 Murders In 14 Days
He Shot Her In The Face
I'm Billy
When Life Fades
Psychotic Episodes/The Face Killings